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Who partners with Fleapo?
"When on a mission; the mightier the troop, the farther we move"
More than just developing mobile apps or websites, we believe in creating a global brand for everyone to look upto as a one stop IT solution. We aspire to be the catalyst of our client's growth story and hope to create an impact with our creativity and work ethics. We believe Success is a collective effort and so we partner with everyone from every corner of the world.
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Members of Fleapo Family
Fleapo is all about striving to achieve your dreams. We're a bunch of aspirants who want to make it big in life. We believe in unity, so we're always eager to collaborate and work with like-minded people from every walks of life.
So, whether you are a mobile app development company or just a bunch aspiring to start one soon; If you dare to dream and Dream Big, we are happy to team up with you and spread technology around the globe. It's simple, here is all you need to do:
  • Connect with our leaders
  • Interact over a cup of coffee
  • Join hands and

Our Partners

Why partner with Fleapo?
The Fleapo Partner Program is our way to achieve our mission of spreading our Fleapo culture across the globe.
  • Leading IT service provider
    Fleapo is certified as top Level IT Service Provider; our services meet the highest level of standards.
  • Regulatory licenses
    Rely on our global team to help you with setting up all the essential licensing to get the partnership started.
  • 24x7 customer support
    Our already established support team is always available for any assistance through phone, chat, and email.
  • Low-cost project completions
    Guaranteed low-cost technical support for all projects including website and mobile development.
  • Flexible Investments
    It is more of a collaboration than a partnership. We tailor-make the policies upon interactive discussion and convenience.
  • Global payment methods
    Our International policies are integrated with world-class payment security experts for scaling close partnerships globally.
  • Digital marketing
    We help you launch faster, and reach more customers with our in-house digital marketing campaigns.
  • Global Branding
    Our global brand as a leading IT company acts as leverage for your business growth from the start.
  • 3+ countries
    Fleapo members are everywhere. We are operational in the USA currently and are soon to be functional in 3 other European nations.
We’ve distilled best practices across thousands of partners to help you launch faster and go to market more effectively.
Customer reachability
Our effective marketing team works dedicatedly to generate more leads in your concerned demographics locally.
Global Exposure
Fleapo is all for one, one for all. When you merge with us, you become one among us.
Low to no cost Investment
Passion for making it big is what we majorly look at; investment is just a name.

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