Sales up 30% after a digital transformation in a clothing brand

A fully managed service engagement and digital transformation gave INFINIA the valuable customer base it required to establish its brand identity.

The challenge

A newly launched Athleisure brand in Kolkata, that primarily dealt with wholesalers and retailers, lacked an online presence. Their scope was narrow, and they were unable to generate adequate revenue. They were on the lookout to widen their reach in India and globally.

The company wanted to take advantage of the lack of athleisure presence in Eastern India, by looking to create a website, to establish their online platform and widen their customer base. They approached Fleapo to design and create a website to reach out to a wider customer base to achieve their full potential.

Our process

We started the process of web development by performing an in-depth analysis of the market and studying the potential competition. We were involved from the web design to the execution of the website.
We strived to give a personalized experience to our clients, by working closely with them to understand their brand and what they stand for. This helped us customize the website in a way that resonates with what our clients desire.
With a strong technical team who are experts in their field, we did intensive wireframing and prototyping, to create an intuitive UI that speaks of the brand’s identity.
We created an exceptionally efficient website that represents our client’s individuality and potential-driven vision. Our web services aim to create an extremely efficient customer experience E-commerce website, to ensure that the customers have a smooth experience.

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The website we created is mobile responsive. We aimed to create a website that is Speed and SEO optimized to ensure it is extremely easy to navigate, and help our client reach their best potential and help the website operate with precision and efficiency.
We were able to achieve this by integrating advanced analytics with state of art technology like MERN stack which is the best and most trending technology widely used for an e-commerce website.

The results

The web-development aided in reducing their infrastructure cost by 30%.
We worked closely with our client to create a website that was able to achieve a goal of more than 5000 orders per month with the help of cutting-edge marketing skills.


Better Than The Best!
The digital transformation resulted in several notable business outcomes, including a direct revenue increase by 35% in comparison to the previous year.

It also assisted in boosting sales by 30% in a couple of months after the web development.


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